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Meet Amy Lee

Helllllo and Welcome! 

I am so stoked that you chose to explore more about Cannabis Therapy and Nutrition Wellness with me, Amy Lee! I am an Okie girl with a hippie heart for health and passion for wellness. It brings me so much joy to share these two passions with you.

I started this business because like many of you I was seeking solutions for my overall health. I desperately wanted better for my body, my mind, my life and ultimately a healthy example for my daughter.

My journey began December 2012. I was 3 months postpartum, 235 lbs, depressed and absolutely miserable in my own skin. My pregnancy was riddled with illness and disease. It was in December that I decided to get wellness back in my life and leave toxic behind.

Over the next few years I searched for the “Holy Grail of Health”. With each new "health" program, I was full of excitement and energy. However, I was not consistent in completing each program which resulted in major health disruptions throughout my body. My thyroid quit its day job, my properly function metabolism was a mythical creature now, I had a major iron deficiency causing extreme exhaustion, my ADHD was similar to a squirrel hyped up on caffeine and then of course there was my anxiety. The ruler my mind inviting in as many worrisome

problems and low self-worth from time to time. I was not healthy. 

That is when my “why" switched to a “I NEED to get healthy”. My desire was to replace as many prescription medications with cannabis therapy and balance my body properly with the correct nutrition. 

With extensive research, education and working with my primary care physician I have successfully removed 100% of all prescriptions from my body. The introduction of a simple yet nutrient dense food program has allowed me to reach my goals and maintain my healthiest life.  

Since the beginning of my journey I have celebrated 115 lbs removed from my life. And while I love celebrating that victory, the most important loss is not the pounds. The most important loss was the poison living in my own head. 

During my journey I rediscovered my passion for helping people, just like you. I dedicated my time to cannabis education as well as nutrition education. I am proud to be a Certified CannacianTM offering one/one cannabis therapy as well as one/one nutrition support as a Health Coach. 

I am so grateful for your time today; if you have the same desires in your heart for wellness, I invite you to book a consultation and start your wellness success!

Wishing you all the wellness – Amy Lee

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